The Area’s Ten Best Bars

Harry at the bar

by Gary Schwan, October 1997

The following is a portion of a feature article in the TGIF section of the Palm Beach Post listing the area’s ten best bars: Harry and the Natives

U.S. Highway 1 and Bridge Road, Hobe Sound

What makes it cool? The natives are friendly at this casual, Old Florida restaurant / bar. And why not? Harry MacArthur (above), whose family has owned the place since 1952, keeps things homey. The bar itself is a kind of family photo album – dozens of photos of family and friends pressed under glass, a 40-year chronicle of the laid-back life. Did we mention homey? What else to call a bar with two cans of Spam in the cigarette rack behind the bar?

Bar Talk: “We have the same people coming here for 30 years,” said MacArthur. “I’m kind of rednecky, I guess. One day, someone was kidding me about caviar. I said I’d rather have Spam. So they brought me the cans as a joke.”

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