Six Hundred Enjoy Cow Pasture Party

Bobby, Harry, Billy

by Thom Smith, Staff Writer – Palm Beach Post

“This is like Tom Sawyer: I tell them to bring their own steaks and they still come,” rancher / wheeler-dealer Billy Bowman joked. Almost too many, as more than 600 friends from places high and low gathered Monday night around a weathered trailer in a pasture west of Jupiter for Bowman’s holiday party.

Hottest item at the party had to be the cooker built from a ’53 Ford pickup by movie prop man Bobby Amor, with backing by wild Harry MacArthur of Harry and the Natives restaurant in Hobe Sound. Smoke pours from two stacks on the hood, which covers a charcoal bed, while a sound system blares from under the dash. They tow it backward behind a “52 Ford flatbed truck that doubles as a stage. “On the road,” Amor said, “people can’t tell if we’re coming or going.”

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