RESTAURANT REVIEW: Fun atmosphere, great food at Harry’s

Palm Beach Post

by SY O’NEILL, The Palm Beach Post, date

Hobe Sound’s Harry & the Natives is one of those places I like to take visitors, so they can kick back and feel the Old Florida vibe.

One recent weekend my husband and I decided we needed a dose of kitsch, and Harry’s was the perfect remedy. We sat on the covered patio, which gave us plenty of time to read the funny signs posted on the walls, most of which I couldn’t quote here. But trust me, some are hilari- ous.

A friendly waitress brought our menus and took our drink orders almost immediately.

I like it when servers don’t forget their customers who choose outdoor seating.

I looked past the sandwiches and burgers, hungry for a full-fledged dinner: I chose the honey-bourbon-glazed pecan-encrusted chicken ($15.95) figuring that with so many adjectives, it had to be good. It was. Every forkful of sweet and nutty chicken had me raving about the
dish. The chicken was served with a choice of salad or soup, vegetable of the day and a side dish. I chose the salad, a nice mixture of field greens with tomatoes, cucumber and onions. Deciding on a side—sweet potato, baked potato, black beans and rice or cucumber salad—was a little more challenging. The baked potato won out.

My husband ordered beef stroganoff with egg noodles ($13.95 for the larger size). He had a dish of cole slaw in place of salad. He’s pretty particular when it comes to cole slaw and felt it wasn’t sweet enough for his taste. I found it tangy and delicious. He barely made a dent in the heaping plate of beef stroganoff, topped with a dollop of sour cream. While the beef, mushrooms and noodles were tasty he wished the sauce had been a little “beefier.”

We were too full to even consider sharing a dessert, although some of the offerings were tempting, including peanut butter pie, key lime pie and strawberry shortcake. But it’s the Mississippi mud ice cream pie that will bring me back to Harry’s. You have to love the adjectives.

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