DYNAMIC DUOS – 3 Couples Prove Charity Comes From the Heart
Stuart Magazine

by NILA DO, STUART Magazine, November 2008

For Harry MacArthur, giving was something ingrained in him as a child. “My parents told me I had to make somebody smile every day, and for me, giving is one way to make somebody smile,” says MacArthur, owner of the restaurant Harry and the Natives. Using his good-natured personality, MacArthur has increasingly raised his efforts in improving the quality of life for those in need. With his wife Anne Marie, MacArthur set up Natives Helping Natives, an organization that has provided everything from Christmas gifts to funds for those in need of medical help. And for Anne Marie, defining why she and Harry do what they do is easy: “Philanthropy is giving up yourself to others in the best capable way you can and to help them become better for themselves.”

Harry & Anne Marie

Harry & Anne Marie
photos by ANDREA JAMES

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