This restaurant opened on Dec. 7, 1941. Really.

And all these years later, Harry and the Natives is still a Treasure Coast institution.

Carlos Frías | Dec 7, 2015

120715-harry-pearl-harbor-2December 7, 1941 is a day that would live in infamy — unless you were the owners of a tiny little restaurant on the Martin County coast.

The Cypress Cabins and Restaurant — a combination restaurant, motel and gas station — had opened for business for the first time that morning. It was a family-run venture in the sleepy town of Hobe Sound, a convenient midpoint on the two-lane road that preceded U.S. 1 between Jacksonville and Miami.Read more »

Law Now Allows Harry and the Natives to Serve Liquor

TC Palm

Jonathan Mattise | Sep 14 2012

Until a 2011 state bill eased the rules for certain Martin restaurants to mix their own drinks, owner Harry MacArthur never thought the shop his family bought in 1952 would dabble in liquor. His 97-year-old mother, who still puts in shifts at Harry and the Natives, never liked the idea. Read more »

Harry & The Natives

Bobby, Harry, Billy

by ruth.the.writer | September 14, 2011

Although it wasn’t the best day to open for business, nonetheless on December 7, 1941, a little cafe’ with a few travel cabins in the back opened for the first time on the southwest corner of U.S. Highway One and Bridge Road in Hobe Sound, Florida. Read more » drops in at Harry’s

Off The Trails videoHarry and the Natives, in Hobe Sound, is a great place to go. It’s fun and unpretentious, with delicious food, priced reasonably. Our lunch today was a gator burger, something new for us. The sandwich was tasty and tender. It comes with a choice of slaw, potato salad, fries, or cucumber salad. The salad was tasty! They have mimosas on the menu, so MaryJo had to try one. Greg had a beer. Total before tip was $28.25. Visit website »

Award-Winning Key Lime Pie at Harry’s!

Stuart Magazine

Stuart Magazine has voted the Key Lime Pie at Harry and the Natives as the Best on the Treasure Coast for 2010.

Drop in and try a slice anytime!

Hometown News

53 Ford BBQ Rig

Mitch Kloorfain, Chief Photographer | Feb 5 2010

Harry MacArthur, owner of Harry & the Natives, cooks burgers and hot dogs on a 1952 Ford F3 pickup, which now works as a barbeque grill during the “100 Years of Cars” exhibit at The Pine School in Hobe Sound.

The Palm Beach Post: Hobe Sound’s Harry and the Natives turns 20

Pauline MacArthur

by Liz Balmaseda
Dining | July 27, 2009

Smile, natives. It’s a spectacularly routine day.

In Hobe Sound’s most iconic café this means a gator burger with a side of twisted humor, real-deal Florida funk and a table-side song from Mom.

Dynamic Duos – 3 Couples Prove Charity Comes From the Heart

Stuart Magazine

by Nila Do, STUART Magazine, November 2008

Harry, Bobby Amor & the ’53 Ford cooker are featured in a column by Thom For Harry MacArthur, giving was something ingrained in him as a child. “My parents told me I had to make somebody smile every day, and for me, giving is one way to make somebody smile,” says MacArthur, owner of the restaurant Harry and the Natives. Using his good-natured personality, MacArthur has increasingly raised his efforts in improving the quality of life for those in need. Read more »

Sunfest Coconut Ball

Sunfest Coconut Ball

TGIF, The Palm Beach Post, 2008

Call him the textonic fashion plate because his style of dress is earthshaking. This time it was white dinner jacket and tuxedo shorts for Harry MacArthur of Hobe Sound’s Harry & the Natives with wife Anne.

Restaurant Review: Fun atmosphere, great food at Harry’s

Palm Beach Post

by Sy O’Neill, The Palm Beach Post

Hobe Sound’s Harry & the Natives is one of those places I like to take visitors, so they can kick back and feel the Old Florida vibe.

One recent weekend my husband and I decided we needed a dose of kitsch, and Harry’s was the perfect remedy. Read more »

Some Restaurateurs Still Cling to Mom’s Apron Strings

Paula, Harry, Pauline

by Nicole Janok, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, May 5, 2005

Harry MacArthur was barely out of diapers–literally–when he had his first job. As a toddler, he would pour water for customers at his parents’ Hobe Sound restaurant. Once he was tall enough, he’d pump gas at the station outside. Read more »

The Palm Beach Post, TGIF

Harry at the bar

by Gary Schwan, October 1997

Harry & the Natives is featured in an October 1997 article by Gary Schwan in The Palm Beach Post TGIF magazine as one of the area’s ten best bars! Read more »

The Palm Beach Post, 3 restaurant picks: Hobe Sound funky, CityPlace charcuterie, Boca healthy

Key Lime Pieby Liz Balmaseda | July 22, 2015

When wanderlust strikes this summer, you don’t have to go far to satisfy a craving for Old Florida road food. The fresh grub and scene at Harry and the Natives in Hobe Sound will transport you to a time when portions were unexpectedly hefty, service refreshingly top-notch and ambiance so welcoming you can dine alone here and still feel at home. Read more »

The Palm Beach Post, Things to Do

Harry and the Natives

by Teresa Lane | June 18, 2014

Old-Florida kitsch, with funny sayings hanging everywhere and a beach vibe in this colorful, dressed-up shack built in 1941. There’s casual indoor and outdoor seating, and colorful lights that make you feel like you’re chillin’ in the Keys. Read more »

Celebrity Bartenders on tap for House of Hope

House of Hope

by Diane Tomasik | Mar 12, 2010

HOBE SOUND – Fun, friendship and philanthropy are on tap Tuesday, March 23 at Taste Casual Dining in Hobe Sound, as the restaurant hosts the Second Annual Celebrity Bartenders event to benefit House of Hope. Read more »

WIRK Remote broadcast from Harry’s


The WIRK Morning Crew stopped in to do a live remote morning broadcast here at Harry and the Natives recently.

Dion, Woods to pay higher property taxes in coming year

Dion home

Jim Turner | Sep 17 2010

JUPITER ISLAND — Next time you bump into singer Celine Dion or golfer Tiger Woods when dropping off at Ambassador Dry Cleaning, or while dining at Harry and the Natives, you might want to thank them for helping with your tax bill.

Dion and Woods, who are both close to completing their Jupiter Island mansions, will collectively pay $214,000 more in taxes next year to the county, School District, town and Children’s Services Council. The $214,000 number is how much their bill is going up.

MSNBC: Yummy! Fla. gators sliced and diced for meals

Gator Meat

Associated Press | Oct 15 2009

‘Anytime the plant is smelly, that’s a good thing,’ processor says.

The grill sizzles at Harry and the Natives Restaurant up the road in Hobe Sound, where manager Jeff Brown serves up to 30 gator burgers a day.

The Palm Beach Post: Watering Holes

Watering Holes video

Writing & Host: Dan Oliver (The Beer Guy)
Video & Editing: Susan Mann

In April 2009, in The Beer Guy’s Favorite Watering Holes, Harry also tied for Best-humored owners with Harry Seifert Jr., Harry’s Banana Farm, Lake Worth. Watch Video »

Harry MacArthur, Harry and the Natives

Harry at the bar

by Irwin H. Spivak, Hobe Sound Reflections, March 2008

Harry MacArthur has an answer for just about everything. Ask him if it snows here in Florida. “Just melted yesterday.” Or, “Do the animals here bite? His answer is “generally” or Do you have hurricanes here? Harry answers Order one. The cooks will whip up a Hugo for you.” Who is Hugo? Harry answers, “haven’t seen him since his ass whuppin, and my favorite “Where are the restrooms?” Harry’s answer is “Out back. Watch out for the gators.” Read more »

Harry’s Owner Honored: First Community Hospice Heart Award presented to Harry MacArthur

Hospice Heart Award

by Cynthia Warren, Jupiter Courier, January 30,2008

On January 2, the first Community Hospice Heart Award was presented to Harry MacArthur, owner of Harry & the Natives Restaurant & Catering in Hobe Sound. Read more »

Harry MacArthur on Fatherhood: ‘With Anne It’s So Easy’


by Sy O’Neill, The Palm Beach Post

A longtime champion of underprivileged children in Hobe Sound, Harry MacArthur never thought he’d make a good father.

“It just wasn’t me,” said the 46-year-old owner of Harry & the Natives restaurant. “I was always a worker. If you can’t spend time with them, you probably shouldn’t have children.” Read more »

Natives for Natives: Restaurant Owner Spearheads Charity Efforts

Natives for Natives

by Michelle Sheldone, Jupiter Courier, May 2005

As a child growing up in then-segregated Hobe Sound, Harry MacArthur each year headed to the Civic Center for Christmas toys that the Jupiter Island Community Chest provided area youngsters. Read more »

The Palm Beach Post, Accent

Bobby, Harry, Billy

by Thom Smith

Harry, Bobby Amor & the ’53 Ford cooker are featured in a column by Thom Smith in the Accent section of the Palm Beach Post. Read more »