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About Harry MacArthur

On October 21, 1958 Harry MacArthur was born practically on this spot. By age three he was toddling around the restaurant trying to be helpful, but mostly being very trying.

Miss Pauline gave him the job of taking water to customers. Harry would fill the glasses, turn toward a table, stop, take a sip from each glass so he wouldn’t spill, then serve the water. While some patrons remember this as cute, it did not bode well for Harry’s future as a waiter.

Harry MacArthur

He soon became kitchen help. When Harry left Hobe Sound in 1976, he uttered that now-famous MacArthur quote, “I shall return.”

Harry’s kitchen affairs took him from Switzerland to Hawaii. He has worked for Hyatt, Hilton, and Sheraton (including being Chef of Rovel at The Sheraton Grande in Los Angeles.) His recipes have been published in Sunset Magazine.

In April 1989, he gave his fellow natives that unforgettable grin and said “I have returned!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been here?
Always! I was born here. Mom has been on this corner even longer.
Are you open in the summer?
Depends on your business. We’d like to summer in Europe.
Does it snow here?
Just melted yesterday.
How's business?
Order another Snook sandwich and a round of beers while we talk about it.
Do the animals bite?
Do you have hurricanes here?
Order one. The cooks will whip up Hugo.
Who is Hugo?
Haven’t seen him since the ass whuppin.
Where are the restrooms?
Out back. Watch out for the Gators.
Where did you get the antiques?
Antique shops on Worth Avenue.
Where did you get the junk?
Antique shops on Worth Avenue.
Any Seminoles in the area?
Find the Gators and go north.
We'd love to live here, but how do you make a living?
I don’t know. We’re all still working at it. Order another pitcher of beer and a Carp sandwich and we’ll talk about the stock market.
How do you keep such good help?
Great customers.
Harry & the Natives

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